Thomas Heinrich Musiolik, Dieter Georg Herbst
Publication year: 2015


Digital branding is a demanding management task, requiring comprehensive attention to detail and the highest levels of expertise.
Digital branding means brand management in digital media and technologies. Employing its particular capabilities, digital branding seeks to raise the profile of the brand and to systematically shape it over the long term. Successful digital branding is not an isolated instance, but rather a piece of holistic brand management: visitors should experience digital offerings in the same way they experience the brand in television, radio and print.
Following a primer on brand management and the particulars of digital media and technologies, the reader experiences how to present a brand using digital brand storytelling. In the latter portion of the eBook, the reader will learn advanced methods and techniques used to generate strong, ownable emotions around a brand.


  • Digital Branding;
  • Storytelling;
  • Multisensory;
  • Management